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It is time to socialize with your Phi Delta Kappa Learning Community, share a holiday meal, and learn about one model for Marzano's Research Laboratory as well as a model for fostering student achievement and building connections with families. We look forward to seeing you and continuing our conversation from Oct. 25th from State Teachers of the Year and Administrators of the Year regarding innovative practices.

Our focus for the next Phi Delta Kappa activity on Dec. 7th is:

“Leadership in the 21st Century, School Improvement and A Research-based Model to Build Connections with Families and Enhance Student Achievement”

Featuring Crete and Wahoo Public Schools

Join us on December 7th at Bunkers Restaurant, (reserved for PDK), 8901 Augusta Drive, Lincoln. RSVP and pay $13.00 (*PDK members will receive a raffle ticket/discount at the activity) by Dec. 5th by clicking on the button below. Onsite registration is $15.00.

Sixty spots are available. The social and meal are 5:00-6:00 and interactive presentations and models conclude at 7:30. We will also introduce future training opportunities, raffle for $150 worth of school improvement resources, and discuss “Future Educator Groups” and scholarships.

School improvement and leadership guide our evening. After enjoying a buffet (lasagna, vegetable, dessert, and beverage) and conversation, we will learn from administrators, UNL researchers, and teachers. We will explore Wahoo Public Schools’ template for empowering teacher and administrative leaders at all building levels. Topics: ongoing formation of a Marzano Art and Science of Teaching study group to develop the ‘Wahoo Way’ that focuses on common language, practice and application of Marzano Research Lab training; discerning the climate of a school’s learning environment and progressively moving toward an empowering culture that makes use of student data to facilitate learning.

Presenters: Galen Boldt, Superintendent; Sue Heine, Director of Learning; Ryan Mueller, HS Social Studies teacher; Dennison Bhola, HUMANeX and ALTS trainer.

Our second portion focuses on a partnership and research between Crete city officials, Crete PS, and a non-profit community action agency to secure opportunities and meet the new challenges faced by rural Midwest communities. By focusing on early education and school improvement, you will learn the short and long-term impact these programs have on Crete’s children and families. You will learn the programs’ impact upon Crete PS, how these programs integrate with school improvement goals, and determine the nature of the connection and possible use in your district. Data for over 160 children, the school integration steps, and non-profit and community-based programming will be discussed.

Presenters: Jackie Florendo, Crete/Doane Early Childhood teacher; Valorie Foy, Director of Instruction; Jody Isernhagen, UNL Educational Administration; and Kyle McGowan, Superintendent.


Jackie Florendo, PDK Programming,
Sue Heine, PDK Programming,
Jessica Rivera-Mueller, PDK Vice President,
Mike McDonald, PDK President,