UNL Chapter PDK Annual Awards

Annually presented at the June activity and recognition ceremony.

OutstandingEducational Leader

Recognition for exemplary work in the educational field. This includes, but is not limited to, school district, university, legislator, Nebraska Department of Education, teacher, journalist or other individuals engaged in exemplary work directly impacting education.

Award History:

2012-2013 - Dr. Roger Breed, Nebraska Commissioner of Education, 2009-2013.

2011-2012 - Dr. Pat Roschewski, Director of Statewide Assessment, Nebraska Department of Education
Roschewski Certificate
2011-2012 - Dr. Chuck Chevalier, Superintendent, South Sarpy District #46
Chevalier Certificate
2011-2012 - Dr. Marilyn Moore, Associate Superintendent for Instruction, Lincoln Public Schools
Moore Certificate
2012-2013- Dr. Doug Christensen, Dr. Harriet Gould, Dr. Roger Breed - Outstanding Educational Leader Award
Jacobson Certificate

2012-2013 - Dr. Dr. Barbara Jacobson, Director of Curriculum, Lincoln Public Schools

Drew Raemakers receiving a Friend of PDK Award

2010-2011 - Dr. Craig Pease, Superintendent, Ashland Greenwood Public Schools

2010-2011 - James Havelka, Superintendent, North Bend Public Schools

2010-2011 - Dr. James Walter

2009-2010 – Dr. Susan Gourley, Superintendent, Lincoln Public Schools

2009-2010 – Dr. Roy Baker, Superintendent, Norris Public Schools

2009-2010 - Joe Starita, Associate Professor, UNL; author “I am a Man”, Chief Standing Bear’s Journey for Justice (background info. is at

Exemplary Community Educational Outreach

Recognition for exemplary outreach work in education by an individual or group within Lincoln or the surrounding community.

Award History:

2012-2013 - Regina Flowers, Educational Director, Lux Center for the Arts

2012-2013 - Aileen Wiles, Art Van deLux Coordinator, Lux center for the Arts

2012-2013 - JoAnn Emerson, Director, Lux center for the Arts

2011-2012 - Dr. Priscilla Grew, Director, University of Nebraska State Museum
2011-2012 - Mark Harris, Associate Director, University of Nebraska State Museum
2011-2012 - Kathy French, Education Coordinator, University of Nebraska State Museum
2011-2012 - Ina Van der Veen, Educator, University of Nebraska State Museum
2011-2012 - Ann Cusick, Educator, University of Nebraska State Museum

2010 - 2011 - Lincoln Children's Zoo, Educational Programming

2009-2010 – The Lincoln Symphony Orchestra – Young Children’s Concerts

Nationally Board Certified Teacher

Recognition of NE teachers in the Lincoln and surrounding area who gained national board certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards during the current school year.

Award History:

2008-2009 – Nila Jacobson – Lincoln Southwest HS, Spanish teacher

Friend of PDK

Recognition of an individual/organization who has assisted the UNL PDK chapter in a positive and significant manner noteworthy of special recognition.

Award History:

2012-2013 - Charlie Ware, North Star HS

2012-2013 - Drew Ramaekers, PDK Website and Communication, 2009-2012

2011-2012 - Carol Ringenberg, Career Field Specialist, Nebraska Department of Education
Rigenberg Certificate

Dr. Harriet Gould presenting Jake Smrcina, NWU, the PDK Preservice Education Scholarship

2010-2011 - Dr. Charles Ansorge, Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

2009-2010 – Ken Jensen, UNL Instructional Design Center Director

PDK Service Key

Recognition of exemplary service to Phi Delta Kappa and it is awarded members who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Contributed meritorious service, outstanding leadership, or significant research to Phi Delta Kappa, as recommended by the chapter and approved by PDK International.
  2. A member of Phi Delta Kappa in good standing for a period of at least seven years preceding the date of application. This period is fulfilled as soon as the dues for the seventh year have been received and the member has entered the seventh year of membership.

Award History:

2011-2012 - Dr. Mike McDonald, President University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chapter 0015, 2008-2012
McDonald Certificate

Dr. Ron Joekel, Sue Heine, Dr. Harriet Gould, and Macy Jones, Fillmore Central HS graduate, receiving the Future Educator Scholarship

2010-2011 - Larry Dlugosh

2009-2010 – Gerald Carnes, Jody Isernhagen and Loretta Sheets

Previous UNL Chapter #0015 Service Key award winners:

Douglas D. Christensen
Donald G. Darnell
Gerald D. Decker
Michael Fangman
Nancy L. Fuller
John "Jack" Gilsdorf
Charles M. Godwin
Harriet Gould
Thomas A. Guild
Joe D. Huber
Gayle Hurlbert

Ronald Joekel
Homer Kelly
Carole A. Matthes
Edward P. May
Sharon K. Meyer
Ann Marie Quinlan
Goldie M. Quinn
James R. Putman
Clarice M. Ramsey
Robert M. Wagner
James Walter