Spring 2011 Newsletter

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In the Spring 2011 newsletter, we continue our focus on three membership areas. Dr. Doug Christiansen provides his perspective as an International Board member. Dr. Larry Dlugosh shares his experiences as a long-time PDK member and "leader of training leaders." Tim Golden, discusses his continual growth and impact as a science teacher, consultant, and researcher. Dr. Kathy Andreson, PDK President-Elect, provides an overview for her presentation on March 30th to the joint meeting between UNO and UNL PDK Chapters at Mahoney State Park. During these challenging, economic times, in her role as an evaluator of charter schools, she will discuss the pros/cons of charter schools. *Signup details will be announced in the near future.

Please download and share this newsletter with present and future members. You are encouraged to invite colleagues to join. We are all busy but now is the time to help each other meet challenges and continually grow. Toward that goal, we have instituted our first "scholar in residence."

On April 18th, Joan Richardson, PDK Kappan editor, will present and complete a workshop at Norris regarding “Transforming Education and the Role of Media.” Norris is co-sponsoring this unique event and meal. We will learn effective steps to deal with the overwhelming venues of information sharing in the social networking age. She will complete other steps, April 19-20th. *Further details are available in the newsletter.