Executive Board Agenda, 9/21/10

By Sunday, 9.19, please send any agenda items you would like us to address. Please review the minutes Carrie sent earlier this week (*Thanks Carrie). I will have light, healthy snacks and drink.
Initial agenda items:
  • Review treasurer's report and past minutes
  • Review responsibilities for the Oct. 12 activity
  • Plan for the Nov. 16 event
  • Finalize Research Comm. steps (three).
    • Joan Richardson, Kappan Editor; Norris; UNO; Elkhorn tentative) have given approval to the April action steps. We will discuss all and determine responsibilities
  • Identify invitees to the Febr. "Showcase"
  • Discuss local, state, and national PDK issues that the national office wants our input on
  • Discuss membership retention steps and identify recruitment steps
  • Joe Starita recognition steps